Documents of ADATS - Book 3

Project Application to ICCO/EED (2009-2012)

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Project Goal:
Coolie Sangha Continues to Provide Identity & Protect Freedoms in the face of New Age Problems

Project Purpose:
Coolie Families Gain Control over their Lives in a Rapidly Changing Political Economy

Project Outputs:
A. Coolie Families Fully Access All State Welfare & Transfers
B. Coolie Women attain a person status within their families
C. Sustainable land use practices adopted
D. Coolie Families take advantage of New Economic Opportunities

Total Budget:
₹ 301.95 million (€ 4,645,476)

The making of this document was a long drawn out, participatory and bottom-up exercise that has taken the best part of 5 whole months.

We started with a 3 day long Strategic Review workshop where we reflected on the ADATS/Coolie Sangha Vision, Mission, and major changes in our Work Environment. We made a SWOT Analysis and derived Strategic Priorities. These were immediately taken to each and every Cluster Meet where elected Functionaries and ordinary CSU Members discussed the 12 strategic priorities threadbare for 2-3 weeks. Please find a Report on this workshop at

After a month long gap, followed a 2 day workshop to discuss monitoring methodologies. Every single Main Effect and Sub Effect was examined to see if we were elucidating authentic and believable primary data in the 4 previously conducted Cluster Review exercises. Please find a Report on this 2nd workshop at

This was followed by our 5th Effects Monitoring exercise. We decided that the audience for this Report should be the primary stakeholders themselves. It was Member Coolie families and their elected Functionaries who should, at the end of the exercise, know where exactly they stood and where they wanted to go. Every single participant, ADATS Field Staff and Coolie Sangha Functionary, was clear that they would be brutally honest and self critical. They realised that it would be quite useless to make self serving statements, remotely removed from the reality. Please download this 5th Effects Monitoring Report at

In an immediately following 3 day long Strategic Planning workshop, all this learning was factored into our situation analysis, to formulate our next 10 year Strategic Plan. We built upon the Vision & Mission statements and SWOT Analysis to construct a Problem Tree, reverse it into an Objectives Tree and construct the first 3 rows of the LogFrame & Goal, Purpose and Objectives, along with Indicators, Means of Verification and Assumptions.

This Problem Tree was revisited more than a dozen times in the weeks that followed. Every single draft was translated into the local language and sent back to the Cluster Meets to check for authenticity and understanding. Care was taken to ensure that every single word and phrase in the 61 "boxes" that made up the Problem Tree were utterances of the Coolies themselves. When it was more or less finalised, we wrote the narrative expansion of the Problems.

After that, we started working on the 4th row of the LogFrame & Activity Processes along with budgets and sources. This Strategic Plan (2009-2019) is at

And now this final Draft of our Project Application.