Documents of ADATS - Book 3

Special Progress Report on 2 1/2 year period (Sep 1997)

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ADATS works with a total of 16,210 Coolie Families in 571 villages of 4 Taluks in north Kolar district since 1977. (These figures do not include 935 families from 25 villages in Gudibanda Taluk, where we have just commenced work from April 1997.)

Different funding partners helped ADATS’ work in different geographic regions. The intervention strategy, however, did not change due to these divergent partnerships. In April 1994, it was decided to integrate all these regions into a single Consortium. Financial integration, with NOVIB, EZE and ICCO acting as a single northern partner, took place in April 1995. This was the start of the 1st 3 year Consortium Programme.

By that time, one other significant development had taken place. ADATS had completed it’s intervention in more than 100 villages of Bagepalli Taluk -- i.e. ADATS withdrew and these CSUs became independent in status. Except for supporting the central costs of these independent CSUs, the Consortium Programme was not involved.