Documents of ADATS - Book 3

9th Progress Report (Mar 2000)

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  • There are 14,729 active Member Coolie families in 581 functioning CSUs in the 4 Extension taluks.
  • This means a rise of 85 villages and 998 families during the last 6 months.
  • Population coverage has dropped to 26% (down from 35% on 30 September 1999) due to the addition of relatively large villages where less percentage of the population are from the Coolie caste-class.
  • Compared to the 2 year old 2nd Consortium Application, the present membership figures represent a substantial rise of 74 villages (507 to 581) and 139 Member Coolie families (14,590 to 14,729).
  • Though the ethnic composition of the membership has changed only slightly, it is still worrisome that strength of SC/ST families within the CSUs has dropped by a further 2% — they now comprise only 58% of the membership.
  • There is a huge change in the ethnic coverage figures because of the drop in overall coverage — i.e. the taking on of more (and larger) villages has resulted in only 33% of the SC/ST population being in the CSUs (down from 43% in September 1999), 28% of middle castes (down from 37% in September 1999), and 15% of upper castes (down from 21% in September 1999).