ADATS Finances


Development projects implemented by ADATS have been supported by funding agencies from the Netherlands, Germany, UK and New Zealand, with grants-in-aid given for specific, time-bound projects and programmes that we implemented. These grants also covered our staff and overheads.

However, the relationship we had with these funding agencies was much more than a technical one. They too were NGDOs, and persons working in them were development workers situated in the North. As such, we recognised only a functional difference between ourselves. They were therefore our Northern Partners who shared the same vision and mission with us, development workers placed in the South.

From December 1977 to 4 October 2023 we have received, in this manner, a total of ₹ 1,18,36,79,654 in foreign contributions.

ADATS does not receive any money from state or central governments.

With a mindset shift in the North from supporting empowerment processes and holistic development to narrow sectoral intervention, and simultaneous change of character in the South from VO/NGO to SPO (service providing organisations), ADATS took a call to distance ourselves from this unhealthy shift in North-South relationships.

In September 2017 ADATS took a policy decision that all projects will be owned and managed by the Coolie Sangha with ADATS linking to wider society by providing analytical support, new information, communication, aggregation, marketing, et al.

Henceforth, to meet institutional expenses, ADATS needed a steady income flow, independent of time bound projects. In 2020 we gave a call to build up a Corpus Fund and have started receiving generous donations from individuals who appreciated the need for our continuance as a civil society actor.

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