Studies & Evaluations

ADATS has always been open to critical and constructive outside opinion. From 1985 to date, 5 full fledged evaluations and very many thematic studies, which we term as “Third Opinions”, have been carried out by teams of extremely competent experts from Universities, Consultancy Agencies, etc.

They include, among others, Jan Neggers, Alex Tuscano, Tony Colaco, Peter v.d. Werff, Vanaja Ramprasad, Panduranga Hegde, Peter Laban, Rajasekhar, Anuradha Talwar, Anil Chaudhary, N.C.B. Nath, M.K. Bhat, Ajit Mani, Kurian Katticaren, S. Giriappa, Anita Ravishankar, Chandra Kesavan, Lakshmi Raman & Mohan Raj, Dirk van Esbroeck and many others.

We are deeply indebted to these friends for having strengthened the Coolie Sangha Model of Development with suggestions and guidance.