Staff & Functionaries


As on 10 August 2020, 36 Staff members (11 women and 25 men) work as paid full-time Development Workers in ADATS.

The vast majority of Staff are from the Coolie Sangha. They started off as Village Level Workers, then became Community Workers, and now are ADATS paid Area Field Workers. In this manner, most have worked in the 2 Organisations (ADATS and the Coolie Sangha) for 20-43 years. They started young. Their average age is 47 years. Our monthly salary bill is ₹ 4,22,600.

Coolie Sangha Functionaries

Another 448 Village Health Workers and 448 Balakendra Teachers work as village level Staff, selected and paid for by their respective village CSUs.

Besides, the Coolie Sangha has annually elected functionaries. They include 6 elected Trustees, 5 elected Taluk Secretaries, 65 elected Cluster Secretaries, 896 elected CSU Representatives and 448 elected (women) Cheque Signatories.