Documents of ADATS - Book 3

2nd Progress Report (Mar 1996)

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This is the second 6 monthly Progress Report on the 3 year ADATS Consortium programme to build the Coolie Sangha in north Kolar district. Unlike the first one, which was an Activity Report, this document contains far more critical reflections and self-suggestions for improving our intervention. Most such contemplation are found interspersed in the main body of the document. We have used 93 actual village experiences to illustrate points which would otherwise need voluminous explanations.

Like the previous time, all the Field and Executive Staff at each Extension compiled their own reports. This exercise took 5 days from 20-25 March 1996. In the final week of the fiscal year, ADATS core group compiled the 4 reports and elucidated points for comment, criticism and reflection. The 1st draft was shared with all our Staff on 1 April 1996. Since then the document has gone through half a dozen more drafts before finally being accepted by one and all on 8 April 1996 . The past 3 weeks have therefore been an intense period of introspection and self evaluation. We are certain that this exercise will benefit us by resulting in a more honed and sensitive intervention in the coming 6 months.

We have continued to use the terms “erstwhile EZE Area” to mean CSUs which are a little more than 1 year old, “erstwhile NOVIB Area” to mean CSUs which are now 3-4 years old and mostly in the 2nd phase of Coolie Sangha Formalisation, and “erstwhile ICCO Area” to mean CSUs which are about 7 years old, in the 3rd and final phase of Coolie Sangha Consolidation.