Documents of ADATS - Book 3

2nd Effects Monitoring Report (Apr 2005)

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ADATS and the Coolie Sangha conducted a grassroots and bottom-up Effects Monitoring exercise in March and April 2005 to produce this Report which gives a subaltern opinion on what the Results of our 27 years of work was. More specifically, it focuses on the past 2 years.

Primary Data has been obtained through 3-4 full day sessions, held at weekly intervals throughout March and April 2005, in each of the 86 Clusters. Elected Coolie Sangha functionaries and ADATS Staff sat together for 6 hours per session (total: 250-350 session days) to ponder on each Sub Effects Indicator. More often than not, they insisted on recording historic data on how the situation was 27 years back, before the advent of the Coolie Sangha — these have been severely truncated when editing.

We had 4 ready sources for Secondary Data. The first were Online reports that the ADATS/Coolie Sangha Intranet prepares for Staff and functionaries to use on a day to day basis to manage/ monitor programmes. The second were our 6 monthly Reports, written with a rigid regularity, where accurate figures have been recorded for the past quarter century Thirdly, we pored through 20 exhaustive studies and evaluations conducted over the years Finally, our IT Professionals datamined our extensive database to give time series data

Thousands of Coolie Sangha functionaries have sat with ADATS Staff in the Cluster Review Meets to produce this fascinating report that answers the “So What?” questions that emanate from each activity output, in order to arrive at Effects. Not all answers have been comfortable or even flattering.