Documents of ADATS - Book 3

6th Progress Report (Mar 1998)

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  • There are 300 more active Member families in 507 functioning CSUs in the 4 Extension taluks, taking the current membership to 14,590. This figure includes 435 families from 16 CSUs which are still in Coolie Sangha building phase at Bagepalli taluk.
  • ADATS has finished it’s 9 year intervention to build the Coolie Sangha in 82 villages of the erstwhile ICCO Areas.
  • 4 new villages have been added on to the programme during the past 6 months; 2 villages have returned to the fold after a long absence; but unfortunately, 2 villages dropped out at the end of their 9 year intervention.
  • The nett increase in membership is 300 member Families and 4 villages, resulting in an increase in coverage from 37% to 38%.