Documents of ADATS - Book 3

3rd Progress Report (Sep 1996)

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There has been a substantial increase in membership and coverage during the past 6 months, in spite of an adverse socio-political situation in Chickballapur Taluk. There are now 13,318 Normal Member families in 486 functioning CSUs in the 4 Extension Areas. When compared to figures from the previous Progress Report, this represents a rise of 1,305 families and 22 villages. 21% of the membership continue to be in the names of women, and population coverage has risen by 3 points to 38%. The present membership represents a total of 23,570 adults and 28,362 minors.

The increases have mainly been from the Scheduled castes and tribes who now constitute 59% of the membership. Close to half the SC/ST population and those belonging to the middle castes in the 4 Taluks are now in the Coolie Sangha.