Documents of ADATS - Book 3

4th Progress Report (Mar 1997)

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There are now 12,745 active Member families in 454 functioning CSUs in the 4 Extension Taluks. When compared with figures in the last Progress Report, there is a drop of 573 families and 32 village CSUs in the past 6 months. This, in spite of our best efforts to prevent cancellation and woo back the dropped CSUs.

  • Our efforts to stabilise the membership have been largely successful in the older villages of the erstwhile ICCO Area (except at Chickballapur) where membership is determined through the declaration of family income and paying of Sangha Tax. Our position of 1 year back that a mature membership in the erstwhile ICCO Area will stabilise in spite of initial setbacks has been partially vindicated. When compared to 2,419 families who declared their 1995 income, 2,422 have declared their 1996 income. This figure is bound to rise in the coming months, especially at Chickballapur Taluk, with more than 100 Member families and 6 CSUs permanently returning.
  • The newer CSUs of Chickballapur as well as Julapalya seem to be going through a lot of throes (a sifting of those who genuinely want to build independent people’s organisation from those who are not quite so sure) and as a result there is considerable movement in membership.

There has, however, been no substantial change in the composition of the current Membership. But, as is to be expected, there is a fall in the ethnic coverage across all 3 sections of SC/ST, middle and forward castes.