Documents of ADATS - Book 3

5th Effects Monitoring Report (Apr 2008)

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On 12 and 13 May 2008 we held a 2 day workshop to discuss monitoring methodologies. Every single Main Effect and Sub Effect in our current, ongoing 2006-09 LogFrame was examined to see if we were able to elucidate authentic and believable primary data in the Cluster Review Meets. For this, we had to pore through 3 earlier Effects Monitoring Reports.

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We realised that the Effects Monitoring exercise we were about to undertake for the 5th time should serve as a vital input to this next 10 year 2009-19 Strategic Plan. Member Coolie families and their elected Functionaries who should, at the end of the exercise, know where exactly they stand and where they would like to go.

85 Cluster Review Meets participated in this exercise. Besides the elected Cluster Secretary, Women? Committee Member, CSU Representatives, Cheque Signatories, Village Health Workers, Balakendra Teacher and newly selected Village Level Workers, 5-10 longstanding CSU Members from each village also participated. ADATS Field Staff sat with them.

For they next 4 weeks, they gathered on their appointed Cluster Meet day, but did not transact normal business. Review Meets started at about 1 pm and went on till 6-7 pm. Mid week, very many special CSU and Mahila Meetings were held to make headcounts and get more accurate data. ADATS Staff took thousands of copies of a variety of OnLine Reports that the Cluster Review Meets pored through.

Lessons learnt by the Cluster Review Meets were reported by the respective Area Teams. We requested Dr. Anita Ravishankar, Sociologist, to kindly sit with each team of Field Worker, Mahila Trainer and Case Worker to record these into our database. She then consolidated the Cluster level recordings into Area and Taluk levels. This process took 14 whole days from 19 June to 3 July 2008.

While facilitating the Area Teams, Dr. Ravishankar was able to make them reflect and distinguish between their own observations and what the Cluster Review Meets themselves felt/said. This reflective process was very enabling for ADATS Field Staff to hone their own analytical skills. In order to retain the flavour and authenticity of what transpired in these sessions, we have tried to keep these sections intact, making only grammatical corrections.