Documents of ADATS - Book 1

Coolie Sangha Consolidation Application for the CEP - Endowment Application (September 1992)

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  • To assist the Coolies in this final phase of Coolie Sangha Consolidation so that the Coolies can take over all and every responsibility by the end of 1994 when ADATS totally withdraws from Bagepalli taluk.
  • To establish an Endowment Fund of ₹ 25 million in the name of the BAGEPALLI COOLIE SANGHA which will add on to the Coolies’ own decentralised village level Sangha Funds which should have accumulated to about ₹ 5 million by that time.
  • To enhance finance management and budgetary skills in the Coolies and help evolve and install the formal mechanisms for check and control in such a manner that individual member Coolies, especially Coolie women, do not ever loose control over the funds and assets of the BCS.
  • To accompany the DLDP 2nd Phase project (Ida 01490002) with skill training and efforts to attract outside entrepreneurs and capital into the taluk.
  • To discover a higher and deeper role of accompaniment for ADATS to further its relationship with the independent BAGEPALLI COOLIE SANGHA after this final 2 year phase.