Documents of ADATS - Book 1

1st Progress Report on Coolie Sangha Consolidation in the CEP (October 1992)

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Looking back at the past 10 months we are as amazed by the magnitude of responsibilities we dared to shoulder, as by the sheer volume of physical work carried out. In 1992, ADATS entered into the final stage of our work in Bagepalli taluk Coolie Sangha Consolidation. This is the stage when material and non material preparations have to be made for responsible NGDO withdrawal. This report is not going to chronologically list hundreds of issues and struggles undertaken by the CSUs or record all the physical events which occurred.

Instead we will attempt to describe the mood of our relationship with the Coolies as a logical continuation of our work with them into the last stage of intervention. We will deal with questions relating to wider impact.

When reading this report the reader has to keep a point in mind. Though identical efforts, already described at length in the previous report, were made in the education campaign of 1992 there was a major difference in content. This time it was not the mere imparting of information or knowledge. It was the raising of issues which, even if resolved for the moment, would continually keep coming up and have to be reckoned with by the Coolies over and over again in the years to come.