Documents of ADATS - Book 1

Special Progress Report (September 1985)

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This report covers developments in the Coolie Sanghas in the 2½ years period April 1983 to September 1985. As a result of the evaluation of ADATS’ 5 years work by Jan Neggers and Alex Tuscano we decided to introduce economic projects into our strategy for mass organisation work with the Coolies. In May 1984, December 1984 and August 1985 we have reported on the Dairy Development Project and the Coolie Credit Fund.

In December 1984, 4 of our 5 Community Workers resigned from the group. It was decided not to replace them. In May 1985 the new organisational structure of ADATS and the Coolies of Bagepalli was evolved. A major portion of the responsibilities for planning and implementing the programmes, projects and activities was given to the Coolies and their Sanghas.

In September 1985 the ADATS Expansion Programme into 60 more villages of the taluk was started. It was decided to promote 10 Village Level Workers as Community Workers to work in these new villages of the expansion programme. As a result, ADATS became staffed for the very first time with Coolies themselves working for Coolie development. In the 10 villages where the Village Level Workers were removed, it was decided not to replace them and ADATS has withdrawn all Staff, operating with elected Representatives of the Coolies, supported by a small technically proficient Staff at the Central Office. The remaining 20 Village Level Workers will also be withdrawn by December 1986. In their place, the Coolies will elect CSU Secretaries and Cluster Secretaries who will not be paid by ADATS, as has already happened in these 10 villages.