Documents of ADATS - Book 1

Special Progress Report on the GEP (December 1980)

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In an attempt to capture the experiences and record learning that has taken place in Gulur Hobli of Bagepalli taluk, where ADATS’ involvement using the Coolie Sangha Model of development is now nearly three and a half years old, we bring forth this Special Report.

This Report is being presented in four Sections. In Section 1 we have tried to make a statement on the political economy of Gulur Hobli based on the Coolies’ own perception of societal reality. Sections 2 and 3 go on to report on the two projects which we have implemented in the Hobli. The standards which we have set for ourselves when making this appraisal are far more severe than the critical objectivity of any outsider can ever be, because of the vantage position that we have enjoyed as insiders, factually and intuitively aware of each and every shortcoming in both, our efforts as well as Coolie responses. Section 4 starts with a discussion on decentralisation, autonomy and pluralism and spells out some of the priority areas that we will concentrate on in the next three year Coolie Sangha Formalisation phase of our involvement in the Hobli.