Documents of ADATS - Book 1

Gulur Expansion Programme 2nd Phase Application (December 1989)

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  • To build up the Bagepalli Coolie Sangha as an authentic and independent mass organisation of the Coolies, so that agricultural labourers struggling for their humanisation can holistically identify themselves with it.
  • To pursue a policy of decentralisation in order to encourage and ensure the development of a positive pluralism through village level autonomy and diversity so that the Coolies may find a recognition of their individual and personal contribution in the shaping of the structure, discipline, content and direction of their organisation.
  • To support the Coolies without any inhibitions, through all the every form of material as well as nonmaterial assistance, to give effective expression to their own knowledge base through an articulation of their wisdom, and which they normally exhibit only through the survival strategies they have developed in order to eke out an existence in an environment which is hostile to even accepting their very intelligence.
  • To follow a twoorganisation policy which is totally transparent not just in day to day functioning but also in the formulation, stating and perusal of plans and intentions, and which alone will enable the achievement of these above stated objectives.
  • To achieved a real and tangible increase in the Coolie families’ income level and standard of living as a final measure of the effectivity of the Coolie Sangha Model of development, and to wholly involve the Coolies in the periodic measuring of these achievements so that we may be impartial and critical in making an hones impact appraisal.