Documents of ADATS - Book 5

Critique of Climate Projects (March 2021)

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2050 is fast approaching. Nations, corporates, business leaders and informed individuals were acutely aware that time was running out. The IPCC had warned that we have crossed the tipping point. Yet, till very recently, responses didn't seem to match the realisation. They appeared casual and indifferent, bordering on the callous; defensive comebacks with metaphoric shields up and weapons drawn.

The rural poor, on the other hand, with lives intertwined with nature and bearing the direct brunt of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns, have an intuitive grasp even if not based on datasets and scientific explanations.

Community-based climate projects facilitated by grassroots NGOs have, for the past decade and more, taped this intrinsic potential in as serious and responsible a manner as possible. We need to critique these efforts in order to identify lapses and make improvements.

In order to initiate reflection and debate among FCN Members and others I have, over the past few weeks, penned my own thoughts and reflections.