Documents of ADATS - Book 5

Strategic Plan - Farm Forestry (revised in February 2021)

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ADATS and the Coolie Sangha realised that field crop farming of any sorts — HEIDA or LEISA; subsistence or sustainable — was not a viable option for the rural poor in these semi-arid drought prone regions. We critically analysed results obtained in our UNFCCC/Gold Standard registered Afforestation Project and developed a plan to:

  • Scale-up proven and demonstrated climate resilient alternatives to subsistence cultivation using farm forestry that sequesters GHG and provides livelihood opportunities to local communities, as an altered land-use practice, and integrating small and poor peasant families into the climate friendly new-age economy of tomorrow.
  • Support rural women to continue meeting critical energy needs with renewables, through CDM Projects self-financed with carbon revenue.
  • Empower communities to access leakage-free welfare and entitlements.
  • Grassroots NGOs adapt/replicate model in semi-arid drought-prone regions.