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The Sponsorship Model Framework (1986)

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I am aware that the question raised in the last part of this paper are going to lead to controversy. I am also aware of the danger of the conclusions I arrive at being mis-used by a few lackeys of conventional sponsorship who are eagerly waiting for straws of justification to clutch at. Finally I am aware of the anger and rejection that these conclusions will evoke in a few rigid and dogmatic minds.

Yet in an attempt to enter into debate with the vast majority of development workers and thinkers — within and without the sponsorship model framework — I dare write this paper. Like all vital questions, I do believe that this too does not have straight answers and that there is no such thing as a black and white situation. Theory has to be practically applied and this is not an easy practice. To be fashionable and trendy is as easy as to be so called realistic. But both will fail to contain the reason, the logic and the truth that those who want to apply this theory need when dealing with real life situations.