Documents of ADATS - Book 5

The Discussion on Collectives & the Evolution of the Dairy Development Project (July 1983)

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The prevalent value system glorifying and sanctifying private property and its associate greed, ambition and cut throat competition will hinder plans of collectivisation. Alienation will make the concept very difficult for even Coolies with an above average intellect to accept.

Social institutions like the disintegrating joint family room to the nuclear, the vassal position of women in the families and in society, etc. are all based on, stem from, and further perpetuate this glorification of private property. The concept of collectivisation therefore finds opposition not only in the prevalent value system but also in the institutions that stem from this value system.

It would be romantic and dangerously erroneous to suggest that this value can be changed before the material fabric of society causing it can be changed all the more in isolated pocket experiments.