Documents of ADATS - Book 4

8th Progress Report (March 2001)

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There are 2,398 Member Coolie families in 68 functioning village CSUs of Gudibanda Taluk. This represents a slight rise of 55 families when compared to 6 months back.

The monthly Taluk Coolie Sangha Meetings discussed the Member cancellation problem and decided that Suspended and Cancelled Members had been given enough time to return to the fold. They gave an ultimatum for these families to return and individual village CSUs adopted the same stand. Many Suspended Member families started attending weekly meetings and became active once again. In the case of male Members who had migrated, membership was changed to the names of women from their households. As a corollary to these stringent measures, cancellations also rose. Some Suspended Members decided that their interests did not match with that of the Coolie Sangha and chose to permanently opt out of the movement.