Documents of ADATS - Book 4

13th Progress Report (November 2003)

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The past 7 months have been an extremely hectic and satisfying period in the 6½ year history of the ADATS/SCNZ community sponsorship scheme.

  • More than 5,000 children finished their school year and were promoted to the next academic year.
  • A new life-skill activity to familiarise 500 children every year with the fundamentals of computer usage, email and internet surfing was started;
    After training 182 children, we are now in the 6th monthly batch of this training.
  • Massive DLDP works were implemented to provide wage labour and succour to thousands of families in this the 4th year of drought, impoverishment and disinvestment of family assets.
  • Member Coolie families repaid their CCF Overdue with great difficulty and re-borrowed huge crop loans in a spirit of optimism.
  • A Customer Demands & Satisfaction survey was successfully implemented, meeting thousands of pressing demands of Member Coolie families;
    Results were reviewed and the next Agenda for this CD&S survey was finalised.
  • 2 big studies were undertaken to assess the impact of the programme and possibilities for its replication in non-SCNZ villages.
  • A participatory evaluation of the just completed 3 year DLDP programme was carried out in Chintamani taluk (not in the direct purview of this community sponsorship scheme).
  • Coolie landholdings were resurveyed and the database updated.
  • Staff and functionaries continued to receive OD training to improve their facilitation skills and overall capacity.