Documents of ADATS - Book 4

Coolie Sangha Formation Application for Gudibanda Taluk

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  • To build up a taluk level mass organisation at Gudibanda so that small and poor peasants struggling for their development can continually appraise wider societal changes and make the necessary adjustments to survive with dignity and security in a rapidly changing political economy.
  • To ensure a pluralistic development so that these 60 Coolie Sangha Units (CSUs) remain relevant to the specifics of their situations.
  • To oppose gender discrimination, sexual exploitation and strengthen the position of Coolie Women so that they can contribute as equals to all developments within the Coolie Sangha.
  • To assist Coolie Women in their struggle to liberate themselves from the clutches of male dominated village values, structures and restrictive practices, and contribute as equals to Coolie development.
  • To enhance literacy and education levels in the Coolie population by implementing a Children’s Programme and ensuring that Coolie children receive a childhood.
  • To ensure that there is a sex parity with girl children completing high school.
  • To create the physical and socio-political milieu capable of supporting and furthering a positive entrepreneurship in the Coolies.
  • To make a tangible impact in the income levels of 2,000 Member Coolie families in 60 villages by effecting an increase in agricultural wages, equal wages for women and men, increasing the productivity of Coolie cultivation, and helping them undertake viable third activities in addition to dry land cropping and wage labour.