Documents of ADATS - Book 4

11th Progress Report (September 2002)

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It is now 5½ years since the ADATS/SCNZ programme began. After working for 4 years in Gudibanda taluk alone we expanded to cover Mittemari Hobli in the southern part of Bagepalli taluk, 1½ years back. The programme now covers a total of 134 villages (up from 121 six months back) with 3,343 Member Coolie families (down from 3,411 six months back) participating. 31% of the population of these villages actively benefit from the day to day functioning of the Coolie Sangha.

The worrying figure is still the 1,851 families who stand as Cancelled in functioning village CSUs. Some are families whom the CSUs have deliberately kept out in order to weed out initial entrants who neither understood nor subscribed to goals and objectives. But others could very well be disaffected families with genuine grievances.