Documents of ADATS - Book 4

1st Progress Report (September 1997)

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This is the first in a series of 6 monthly process documentation exercises that ADATS is committed to with the initiation of the SCFNZ supported Gudibanda Extension Programme.

In addition to capturing actual facts and figures on various Coolie Sangha building activities that will be undertaken over the next 9-10 years, these narrative reports will also be self-critical, reflective and even provocative in nature, highlighting failures and questioning achievements. We will try to record subtle nuances, reasons (and non-reasons) for shifts made from the general intervention strategy during actual implementation of fairly comprehensive and intricately inter-woven activities that go toward strengthening the Coolies, re-structuring village society in favour of the poor, and building a genuinely decentralised, pluralistic, sustainable and democratic mass organisation in each taluk.

Process documentation at ADATS is an established practice with senior staff preparing innumerable drafts which are thoroughly debated by the concerned Field and Executive Staff (later joined by elected Coolie Sangha functionaries) before being finally accepted as an official 6 monthly Progress Report. Funding partner responses and critical reactions from friends and well wishers are seriously heard, and the quality of involvement improves as we go along.

An additional feature in the Gudibanda Extension Programme is that we will, through this long-term exercise, simultaneously examine the effectivity of the sponsorship mechanism in supporting community organisation efforts.