Documents of ADATS - Book 6

6th Reply to DLDP Queries (13 January 1994)

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A variety of factors have contributed to this. Sometimes it is because they have defied their ethnic groups and joined the village CSU in spite of “caste directives” to the contrary. In other cases it is because they have obtained these lands through prolonged struggle and court litigations. Mr. Laban’s observation that working on these lands will have very little or even negative impact is true. Our reactions are therefore as under:

  1. We are reasonably confident of being able to convince the CSUs (and especially those unfortunate members whose holdings are not adjacent to their peers’) on the reasons for not implementing the DLDP on such lands. This will naturally lead to membership problems in some CSUs, but we suppose we have to face that.
  2. Very few coolies own lands down slope with the up slope lands belonging to noncoolies. As a general rule of thumb, the lands farthest away from the villages and highest in elevation are coolie lands.