Documents of ADATS - Book 6

2nd Progress Report on the DLDP 2nd Phase (September 1993)

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Though the project had already started some time back, the 1st Progress Report written in September 1992 was more in the form of a statement of intent. It had elaborated on the intense sociopolitical preparations that had preceded the project.

This, the 2nd Progress Report, has to be read as a statement of achievements, bottlenecks and failures. It is a mid term appraisal of efforts by and for, both, the Coolies as well as us at ADATS. Such an appraisal is crucial because if there were flaws in our reading of the wider situation, now is the time to rectify them; if alterations have to be made in the adopted strategy, now is the time to make them; if adjustments are needed in the structures and procedures of the Coolie Sangha, now is the time to make them; if there are undesirable trends, now is the time to correct them. Otherwise this effort could well turn out to be yet another in the long list of missed and wasted opportunities in the lives of the poor.

Deep and critical reflections of more than 400 elected Coolie Sangha functionaries in the BCS Meeting of 4th and 5th September 1993, where they reviewed the past 1½ year’s efforts have contributed to the analytical parts of this Progress Report.