Documents of ADATS - Book 6

DLDP Application for Extension Taluks (November 1992)

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  • To develop 9,000 acres of dry land belonging to 3,500 families in 150 villages through a massive labour intensive effort so that these lands increase in value and Coolie production makes a substantial quantum jump within 3 years, thereby preparing them to further enterprise in an appreciable measure.
  • To ensure that women and men get equal wages for equal work.
  • To effect a temporary intervention in the labour market so that the worth and nature of agricultural labour can be changed from its present form of an undervalued and extra economically coerced input in peasant cultivation, to instead become an impetus in the rapidly capitalising agricultural economy with Coolies forcing the pace of events.
  • To politicise the DLDP into an input which will excite the Coolie Sangha building process into a real and meaningful experience wherein the Coolies themselves feel that the Coolie Sangha influences all and every facet of their lives.