Documents of ADATS - Book 6

DLDP 2nd Phase Application (October 1990)

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  • To consolidate the thirteen year Coolie Sangha building effort at Bagepalli in order to make the people’s organisation a lasting and self sustaining reality.
  • To strengthen village level autonomy and encourage a positive pluralism so that the BAGEPALLI COOLIE SANGHA remains a grass root democratic body representing the aspirations of each and every Member Coolie family.
  • To see through an internal rectification whereby the individualistic culture of collectivity hitherto fostered by Coolie Sangha building is replaced with a cohesive one of mutual concern for and sharing among individual member Coolies.
  • To permit the particular world view of the Coolies articulate as an ideology and express itself as a force that contributes to the reshaping of village society.