Documents of ADATS - Book 2

3rd Progress Report on the ADATS/DDS Extension Programme (December 1991)

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The 1st ALP Book has been successfully completed in all the 56 villages (including 10 which have been suspended) in Chickballapur. This means that more than 1 adult per member coolie household has become functionally literate. Advanced lessons are going on in 46 villages, using the 2nd ALP Book. The literacy skills that the coolies are presently getting is far more than elementary.

Regular weekly Mahila Meetings were held in all the villages, and only 3 are still weak. The 13 villages where there were no Mahila Meetings and the VHWs had to be kept under suspension are now okay.

5 coolie women from each of 22 villages went in batches of 25 for intense discussion/training at Bagepalli. In these 5 sessions of 3 days each, they went in great depth into the question of marriage. In 14 of these 22 villages we have started the Vokkaku Sanchi Duddu scheme for women to meet their petty credit needs.

6 more “public meetings” were held with all the members from 23 Clusters getting together for a full day of sharing experiences were conducted in this reporting period.