Documents of ADATS - Book 2

2nd Progress Report on the ADATS/DDS Extension Programme (June 1991)

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The overall resume of the 3 Extension Programmes shows a maturing of the Coolie Sanghas. On the positive side, some doubtful villages have dropped out, serious CSU membership has registered an impressive increase, more women have been attracted to become members of their CSUs, and population coverage has increased. On the worrisome side, however, there is a sharp decrease in lower caste participation in the CSUs.

The period under this report was a harrowing one for the country as a whole when we and the coolies together underwent some of the worst moments of our lives. But it has been an extremely busy time at all 3 Extension Programmes, with a flurry of activities and deeply touching moments.

The long drawn out general elections and air of violence and tension in the country preoccupied most CSU Meetings and Cluster Meets in this period. Every aspect of communalism was thoroughly discussed in all the meetings and the coolies found novel ways by which they could contribute to some sense of social sanity in their villages.