Documents of ADATS - Book 2

1st Progress Report on the ADATS/DDS Extension Programme (January 1991)

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The ADATS/DDS Extension Programmes, which were started in mid 1988, are now 2 years old. ICCO started to support the Coolie Sangha formation activities from April 1989.

Today, these 3 areas cover 43% of the total population of 160 villages where 3,273 landless and land poor Coolie families have formed CSUs. 62% of them belong to the scheduled castes, 17% to intermediary castes, and 21% to the upper castes. 14% of these memberships are in the names of Coolie women.

Not all the 3 extensions have reached the same stage of development, but every effort is being made to achieve as uniform a standard as possible by the end of March 1992.