Documents of ADATS - Book 8

Youth LogFrame (2009-12)

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ADATS and the Coolie Sangha have been working with Coolie chidlren for more than 3 decadces. In a hopscotch and ad hoc manner, school finished children were supported with life skill training, job skill training, placement, etc. 1,358 boys and girls went through Life Skill training. More than 3,000 schooled Coolie Youth were placed in jobs. A handful were supported to start small businesses. But we did not have a clearly articulated Youth Policy/Strategy.

SCNZ/KOHA supported a year long bottom-up planning phase for this vital programme in 2008-09. Hundreds of village level meetings were held with Coolie Youth. Half a dozen workshops and training sessions were facilitated by Ajit Mani of Intervention (India) Pvt. Ltd. Many activities that we intuitively felt should be taken up in a systematic manner, were field tested in this pilot phase.

Finally, a 3 year LogFrame with a sharp Problem Tree, Objectives Tree, 4x4 Project Planning Matrix with Goal, Purpose, Objectives and Activity Processes was finalised.