Documents of ADATS - Book 8

Application to SCNZ/VASS (March 2004)

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In view of the vast socioeconomic changes sweeping India, small and middle peasant families (Coolies) organised into the Coolie Sangha realise that unless their children are equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow with selfconfidence and equanimity, the very institutions they have built against all odds will be in vain. Past experience gives the Coolies the conviction that unless a Children’s Programme is started up, their children will grow up in the same mould as they have. Without a basic education, their children will lack self-esteem and courage to question their plight and proactively seek a change for the better.

Although ADATS has been able to attract substantial funding support for it’s major thrust in peoples’ organisation and income/asset creation, children’s education has lagged behind, in spite of it being an area of major concern.