Societal Analysis

Character of DBUs - Mar 2023

I don't think any of you have understood what the DBU idea (Ālōcana) is. The economic principles (Ārthika sūtrālu). The rationale (Hētubad'dhata).

It is not a Milk Collection Society with everyone who produces milk to become a Member. It is not a Vegetable Farmers Society with all Vegetable Farmers as Members.

Those will be Farmer Cooperative Societies. Just like what all NGOs set up with NABARD funds and CSR donations.

The DBU is a business opportunity for those CSU members who want to change their caste-class identity to a higher level.

The Owners or Shareholders should be CSU members who have a passion (Abhiruci) and ambition (Āśayaṁ) to do so.

Not vegetable growers.

If they have this passion and ambition they will run it profitably to earn profits and make money.

These Shareholders will alter their caste-class identity to a higher level.

Their voices will be heard. Their influence will be greater. They will give leadership to the whole of village society.

Together, an empowered village society can face Capitalists and Capitalism.

Only the Coolie Sangha can do this. Otherwise, capitalism will swallow (Namili miṅgutundi) village society. The DBUs are an instrument to do this.

Your job is to select CSU Members with the passion and ambition to rise to a higher caste-class identity.

Just like so many women wanted to rise up from being their menfolk's servants and slaves in their homes.

Just as so many men didn't want to be farm servants and bonded labourers.

Of course, the Coolie Sangha helped them. But it was their passion and ambition that made them take the opportunity.