Societal Analysis

Decentralised Ventures where Poor Enterprise - June 2022

Last time I spoke about how much you have achieved with your unity. I explained why I admire you. You are really powerful people (śaktivantamaina vyaktuluto Nēnu ārādhistānu).

Then I said that you must recognise your potential (Mī sāmarthyānni gurtun̄cukōṇḍi). You must bring Morality and Values (Naitikata mariyu Viluvalu) into society. Because only the Poor can unite village society, the whole country, and take it forward. This broken society (Vicchinnamaina Samājaṁ) can be repaired only by the Poor.

Society has many problems (Samājanlō anēka samasyalunnāyi). But we are only concerned about those that affect us (Kānī manalni prabhāvitaṁ cēsē vāṭi gurin̄ci mātramē mēmu āndōḷana cendutāmu).

Some very rich people came to know what I spoke to you last month. They not only understood what I said, but fully accepted (Kānī pūrtigā aṅgīkarin̄cāru)! I told them that your social achievements are more than your economic gains. Till now, you have used your strength to get your Entitlements and Rights (Ar'hatalu; hakku).

I told them that you have not gained much economically. There is still poverty. It is only subsidies that make you feel there isn't. After repaying the investment, only 3,500 End User women (20%) are still running your individual businesses after 10-16 years.

In spite of this, they believe that your unity can be used for something bigger. They offered capital (bandavālaṁ) and technical know-how for any one village CSU to collectively set up a business unit. After you have lunch, I will sit with the functionaries and representatives of Vadigiri, Malligurki and Marganakunta and explain in detail.

When central solutions (Kēndra pariṣkārālu) are given by strong leader as common solutions for everyone, everywhere, they do not work. They say that a few people will develop big businesses and the whole of society will grow. They will provide employment to thousands of people. They will pay taxes and the government will have more to spend on everyone. This is not true. It is a lie. Those few big businesses will only protect their own profits.

When efforts are made by all the people, at the bottom of society (Samājanlō aṭṭaḍuguna unna prajalandarū prayatnālu cēsinappuḍu) with their limited understanding, they too make mistakes. But they learn through experiential learning (anubhava pūrvakamaina abhyāsaṁ). The mistakes are easily corrected and they can proceed. But who has the courage and the capacity to correct the big mistakes made by big people?