Assets owned by ADATS


ADATS pursues an active policy of creating assets in the name of the Coolie Sangha. Community Halls in the Cluster villages, for example, are built on lands bought by Member Coolie families in the names of their respective village CSUs.

ADATS owns only those assets than what are absolutely necessary for the implementation of our projects and programmes. These include:

  • 5 fully equipped Campuses at the respective Taluk headquarters, comprising of Office, Training facilites, Guest Rooms, Staff Houses, etc.
  • Training Centre at the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border on a 1 acre plot.
  • Youth Centre with computer lab, canteen dormitories, training hall and staff rooms on 12 acres.
  • 1 Jeep and 2 Motorcycles.

In September 2017 ADATS took a policy decision that all projects will be owned and managed by the Coolie Sangha. Henceforth, to meet institutional expenses, ADATS needs a steady income flow, independent of time bound projects. In 2020 we gave a call to build up a Corpus Fund and started receiving generous donations from individuals who appreciated the need for our continuance as a civil society actor.

Fixed Asset Registers

  • Click here to view the ADATS Fixed Asset Register as on 31 March 2023
  • Click here to view the BCS Fixed Asset Register as on 31 March 2023