Documents of ADATS - Book 7

3rd Progress Report on the Women's Fund (June 2000)

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514 single women without male support in their households have been assisted with loans and grants under the Women’s Fund programme. A total of Rs 7.33 million was given out as assistance — ₹ 2.55 million (35%) has been given as grants, and ₹ 4.79 million (65%) in the form as loans.

47% of the assistance has been given in Chickballapur taluk, where the programme is 21 months old, 30% and 23% in Chintamani and Siddalaghatta taluks, respectively, where the activity was started 14½ months back.

Beneficiary women have used their capital for a variety of purposes including livestock (crossbred cows, sheep, pigs and buffaloes), construction of sheds, shops and houses, starting petty businesses, sericulture, redeeming lost lands and for skill training.

Of these, livestock and construction have been the most popular purposes in terms of number of grants/loans as well as amounts given out.